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Apprentice Academy is a private professional recording studio and training facility located in a 40x60-foot
timber-frame barn that has visually pleasing massive timber trusses and a 30-foot ceiling. “I’ve spent my
life in control rooms using talkbacks and distant iso booths filled with amplifiers and musicians,” says
West. “The mission statement for this structure was to keep everyone together—artists, musicians, engineers and producers connecting with the same energy in one creative space.”


We would love to show you around. We are happy to schedule a private tour or better yet, sign up and attend one of our upcoming open house events and meet some of the folks behind the scenes of Apprentice Academy that help make our students and graduates so successful. 


During an Open House, you will have an opportunity to participate in a Q&A with an in-depth look into the apprenticeship style learning process we deliver. You'll get to talk with Apprentice Academy grads who can give you an overview of their experience and why they chose Apprentice Academy to train and what it has done for their career since they finished. 


At an Open House you can expect a laid back atmosphere where grads, instructors, and potential future students can talk in an open forum about whether or not our program is a good fit for helping you achieve your career goals.  Our next OPEN HOUSE is on June 14th at 2 PM and will be VIRTUAL. Sign up here to get the meeting invitation link!






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