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Where to Study Audio Engineering

While a degree may not be required to have a career in recording, mixing, or producing music, you do need knowledge and experience. In addition to training as an apprentice, you can learn gain enormous know-how and experience at Apprentice Academy when you want to learn how to become a recording engineer. Students at our school share in opportunities to assist on a session and even do some editing before a mixing session with the most professional tools.


Read the testimonials below to find out how just some of our students consider their experience at our school as invaluable.


Whether you want to start your own studio or work for an established studio, start your journey to study audio engineering in our program.


As one of the best online music production schools, we have helped many students go out into the world to track and mix albums for bands, songwriters, and choral groups of all types.

Producer/Engineer/Songwriter Josh Craig talks about his experience learning under Joe West

Producer/Engineer/Songwriter James Ennis talks about his experience learning under Joe West

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