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 Mentoring Sessions for You to Study Audio Engineering



Apprentice Academy is known as one of the best online music production schools in part because of our one-on-one mentoring sessions. For an extra fee of $150 an hour, an on-site or online student has the opportunity to experience a mentoring session with Joe West, a Grammy Award-winning producer and mixer as well as a hit songwriter. West, whose music has been featured in more than 100 network, cable, and feature films, oversees all student coursework, assignments, and program content. Working with him you’ll learn from an industry expert how he uses the necessary equipment to record sound.


When you have hands-on private lessons with an experienced mentor, you are learning how to become a recording engineer from a professional audio engineer and music producer as your private tutor. This way to study audio engineering is invaluable. You will pick up the “tricks of the trade” and get constructive feedback on your work. Also, you gain a deep and useful understanding of audio recording processes and procedures.


Hands-on private lessons with JOE WEST

These mentoring sessions may be done remotely.

$150 hour

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