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Our Equipment Locker for Recording Engineer Classes

Engineering a recording is a complicated art and science. Just like learning to play an instrument, learning how to become a recording engineer means you’ll have to study and practice. Today’s recording engineer masters analog and digital audio, microphones, signal flow, and captures audio in all kinds of locations and for all types of instruments. At Apprentice Academy you’ll learn how to record music professionally on any digital audio workstation by using both traditional and cutting-edge recording techniques.


We provide high-quality microphones, preamps, EQ, and compression equipment, as well as a wide variety of miscellaneous accessories. With our industry-standard equipment and experienced teachers, you can learn the details of studio operation. As one of the best music production schools, we provide students with a solid foundation in audio engineering and technology.


When you learn the fundamentals of music audio production; digital, analog, signal processing, audio for live sound and events, Pro Tools, tape, and more, you want to be sure your learning is on major state-of-the-art equipment and software.  It doesn’t matter whether you are enrolled in on-site on online recording engineer classes, your skills are honed better on professional equipment.


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