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Entrepreneurial Audio Engineers and Musicians

How to Become a Recording Engineer |

Recording engineers have a number of ways to launch their entrepreneurial careers. Some of the most common include the following:

Online Mixing Engineer

Online mixing is a sought-after skill for portfolio websites, and web developers or graphic designers are not always up to the task. Check out the opportunities that may be waiting for you with online mixing. It’s fairly simple to set up and start the process, especially if you already have a mixing station or studio at home.

Online Music Composer

Once you have created tracks in your home recording studio, try selling them to websites such as AudioJungle, which creates and uploads a wide selection of music for sale.

On-Location Sound Recording

Using intuitive live mixers that double as recorders, you can record a live concert directly to your computer through the mixer’s pre-amps. With the mixer’s processors and effects, you can record, mix, and upload the whole concert to the band’s website, which may put you in a position to sell your recording.

Portable Live Sound Engineer

Investing in a small and portable P.A. system is a way to offer your services to the live sound community. Start with a simple system that can handle open mics and small bands and offer your services at no charge. Once you’ve established yourself, live sound venues may see the value in having open mics and small live concerts.

Beat & Loop Maker

Make beats and loops into pre-made packages for drummers and other musicians. Become adept at creating beats and loops and offer them for sale on musician websites.

Learn more about following your dreams once you learn how to become a recording engineer at Apprentice Academy. Contact us for more information on admissions and online classes.

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