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Key Roles Within the Recording Studio

When a recording artist or band is ready to record a single, they are often anxious to get into the studio to lay down their tracks. While one of the most important roles in the studio is the recording engineer, many different people make up the entire team that creates and produces the music.

Here is a list of who they are and what they do.

The Artist - The role of the artist covers everything from the writer of the songs, to the singer, and the musicians.

The Musician - These are the people playing all of the instruments needed to create the songs sounds.

The Recording Engineer - The first role of the recording engineer is to capture and record the music that is being played by the musicians. The engineer is responsible for all the recording devices in the studio, as well as the computer programs to manipulate the sound. The engineer decides where the microphones will be placed in the recording booth, sets up all the recording levels, pre-amp settings, compressors, EQs, and all the other technical settings, all to ensure the best possible take every time. Finally, the recording engineer uses their skills and expertise to mix all of the sounds to create the best audio version of the recording.

The Assistant Engineer - In a commercial recording studio, the assistant engineer is the right-hand helper to the lead engineer. They usually take care of the more mundane set up and jobs during the recording session.

The Producer - The main job of a music producer is to work with the artist and musicians in the studio, and to help them in the creative process of recording their music. They’ll often assist with arrangements of tracks and instrumentation of songs as well.

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