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Sound Engineer vs. Audio Technician: Is There A Difference?

The terms sound engineer and audio technician are used somewhat interchangeably when discussing the music industry. Although they are often referenced for the same work, there is a subtle distinction between the two roles. The knowledge, skills, and many of the job duties do overlap. So what is the difference between these two audio engineering jobs?

Audio Technician Role

These are the people that do a lot of the behind the scenes work of prepping for the actual audio recording. Before a recording, broadcast, or live music session, the audio technicians are the ones connecting microphones, amplifiers, and speakers, and tracking down any issues with audio signal chains. Audio technicians are frequently entry to mid-level workers, gaining experience to advance to the sound engineer role.

Sound Engineer Role

A sound engineer's creative duties are what set them apart from an audio technician. They work closely alongside producers and artists, using their creativity and expertise, to make a recording or live audio production sound its best.

Experience and Education

Becoming either a sound engineer or an audio technician generally follows the same path, with the technical skills first being learned and honed in recording engineer classes. Are you ready to start your career as an audio technician or sound engineer? You’ll experience hands-on learning in a real studio setting with audio industry professionals at Apprentice Academy. Visit our website to learn more about our recording engineer classes, both in-person and online.

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